Welcome to The Mariposa Medispa
The Premiere Wellness Center in Mexico for: Alternative Therapy & Rapid Detox.

Located in the “Riviera Nayarit” The Mariposa Medispa is a conjoined effort of medical professionals working together with patients to better care for their specific needs for the long term goal of either sobriety or general wellness.

Our staff of medical professionals: (Md’s, Ma’s, Can’s, Psychologists, Nutritionists & Life Counselors And Physical Therapists) are all licensed (either Through The United States Medical Boards Or The E.U. De Mexico).

Some of our most effecctive therapies and treatments include: Oxygen/Ozone therapy, Stem cell implants, neural therapy, plasma rich platelet PRP (Repairs: ACL, Rotator Cuff and Herniated Discs) replacement, CHRONIC pain management (See Resources) Ibogaine Therapy, vitamin and amino acid replacement therapy chelation therapy, biomagnetic resonance PAPIMI therapy, Hormone Recalibration Therapy (Mono-Atomic/Nano technology) colonic therapy, acupuncture, nutritional & supplemental therapy, massage and 12-step aftercare programs.

Our mission statement is simply this: with the amalgamation of naturopathic, homeopathic, holistic and osteopathic medicine and therapy, we can strive and accomplish better and more specialized therapy and treatment for all of our patients.

If our success is measured on the success of our patients, then we have been very blessed in our practice.

“Through better understanding of our bodies, minds and spirits we will be able to overcome any challenge that is placed on us, be it a crippling illness or a soul crushing addiction. We will not and cannot surrender to something as trivial as sickness. We are human beings, derived from universal understanding and star dust. The only thing inhibiting us to succeed is ourselves”





The Mariposa Medispa:
A Wholly owned Subsidiary of MED International Financial LTD (A Wholly owned Subsidiary of c/o MBP Capital Investment Ltd


For Information Regarding :
The ALBERT SCHWEITZER Society or CIIG LTD (China Investment International Group Limited) CLICK HERE

Advisory Board:  Sir Daniel Rivera, 
Mark David Lockett MD, FAAUCM
Diplomate American Board of Urgent Care Medicine
Fellow of the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine
Medical Director Emergency Room, Dan  C. Trigg Hospital
ER Physician, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center
Medical Director AMR/EMS services Otero County NM

*Physician and Medical Staffing, Exclusivly By:
MED International Financial LTD (A Wholly owned Subsidiary of c/o MBP Capital Investment Ltd
Gambles Medical Centre, Friar's Hill Road, ST. John's. Antigua
(877) 957-2641, (602)980-3755, FAX: (602)381-9935 Email: Info@mbpcapital.net

International Offices:
C/O: The Rivera Law Group International
Email: Riveralawgroup@cox.net
Toll Free: (877) 957-2641, FAX: (602)381-9935

MED International Financial LTD (A Wholly owned Subsidiary of c/o MBP Capital Investment Ltd
(877) 957-2641, (602)980-3755, FAX: (602)381-9935 Email: Info@mbpcapital.net
All Legal matters are to be submitted to : The Rivera Law Group International





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