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Ozone/Oxygen Therapy Spas Are Health Spas Designed To Help Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins, Chemicals, Viruses, Infectious Bacteria, And Other Harmful Organism. It Is A Painless Process Which Also Creates A Sense Of Well-Being. Oxygen/Ozone Breaks Down Chemicals In The Body Very Quickly. Ozone Therapies Have Been Used In Europe Effectively Since The 1920's. The Germans Have Treated Over 10,000,000 Patients Since The 1940's According To Dr Kief. ("Ozone, A Medical Breakthrough") Ozone (O3) Is A Triatomic Molecule, Consisting Of Three Oxygen Atoms, Which Burns Up Toxins And Leaves Behind Oxygen. Its Also Referred To As Activated Oxygen, Allotropic Oxygen Or Triatomic Oxygen.

Ozone Has A Large Base Of Benefits, And Because It Is Also An Immune System Modulator, Has Powerful Analgesic Properties. From A Naturopathic Perspective, Ozone Detoxifys The Body, And Helps It By Cleansing The Lymphatic And Hepatic Systems. Ozone Magnifies The Effects Of Medicines,Making It Possible To Use Less Prescription Medications.

Ozone Therapy Is One Of The Most Versatile And Powerful Therapies Known Today. Extensive Medical Research On Ozone Therapy Has Been Done Worldwide, Primarily In Europe. Ozone Has Beneficial Effects On Every Part Of The Body, Which Include: Breaking Down Chemicals In The Body:

Inactivation Of Bacteria, Viruses And Fungi
Enhancement Of Circulation - Cleans Arteries And Veins
Activation Of The Immune System - Healing Process
Breaks Up Blood Cell Clumping (Blood Clots)
Normalizes Hormone And Enzyme Production
Reduces Inflamation
Reduces Pain, Calms The Nerves
Stops Bleeding
Prevents Shock
Scavenges Free Radicals
Prevents Stroke Damage
Reduces Cardiac Arrhytmia
Improves Brain Function And Memory
Chelates Heavy Metals, Works Well With Edta
Stimulates Production Of Protective Cell Enzymes
Prevents And Reverses Most Degenerative Diseases
Prevents And Treats Communicable Diseases
Prevents And Eliminates Auto-Immune Diseases
Enhances  Overall Well-Being
Enhances Auto-Immune Responses


  Active Ozone Molecule 

Oxygenation Is A Term That Signifies The Increase In The Number Of Oxygen Molecules. Oxygen Can Cause Oxidation While At The Same Time Adding Oxygen. Living And Healing Are Dependent On Balance. Because Of External Influences-Such As Air Pollution, Water Pollution And Pollution Of The Body With Drugs And Alcohol And Sugars- It Is Difficult To Maintain Balance. These Factors Overwhelm The Body And It Gradually Loses Its Ability To Oxidize Properly. A Major Consequence Is A Negative Effect On The Body's Immune System. Lack Of Oxygen In The Body Can Lead To Obvious Problems Such As Heart Disease And Cancer (See Dr.Otto Warburg, Studies On Cancer). This Gives Us Reason To Consider Use Of Oxidizers Like Ozone To Stimulate The Body's Oxidative Enzyme Systems And Return Balance. Hydrogen Peroxide Is Produced Naturally In The Body And Is Maintained At Constant Levels Throughout Our Lives. It Regulates Living Cell Membranes, Regulates Hormones, Even Regulates Blood Sugar, And Certain Brain And Nervous System Chemicals. Theraputic Ozone Is Reduced To Hydrogen Peroxide After It Enters The Body. The Krebs Cycle Is A Technical Process Of How The Body Uses Oxygen And Carbon And And Other Elements To Maintain Optimum Balance In The Body, It Is Worth Looking At How This Works To Better Understand How Homeostasis Works. The Effectiveness Of Ozone Therapy Has Been Published In Impressive  Amounts Of Clinical Studies Since The Beginning Of The 19th Century By Renown Doctors Worldwide. 

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