Mariposa is a private-pay facility. We do not accept insurance,however we do recommend an Insurance Reimbursement Service Provider in Texas. Please contact them for further reimbursement information before making your reservation (if applicable or if you would like to have your insurance provider cover the cost of treatment).



Please contact us for current pricing information:
Please check in with us frequently for special discounts or month long pricing events.

(Note: Taxes Are Not Included) ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS
Note: All Currency Rates Subject To Change Dependent on Current Markets.

Please observe our program rules before making reservations:
House Rules:

No Drugs that are not prescribed by your Doctor, 
No Alcohol, 
No Cigarettes (please bring your electronic cigarettes with you)
Threats Or Violence Are NOT Permitted (Verbal, Physical or Electronic). 
Your treatment program as designed by your Physicians and Counselors and Nutritionist are to be strictly followed!

Violations of House Rules are Grounds for Immediate Expulsion and Forfeiture of Funds paid.

Cooperation Is A MUST
For All Patients.

Reservations Policy:
We require 50% payment at time of reservation, via direct deposit or credit card, and the balance due 7 days before arrival. Any special, discount or promotional packaging will be required to be paid 100% in full upon reservation. Other services e.g. additional acupuncture, massage, are to be paid in cash or credit card.

Refund Policy:
Refund Policy: We are a private pay facility and refunds will only be paid out under strict guidelines and circumstances. All of our treatments and packages are prepaid to our Doctors, Care Providers and Medical Suppliers (Thus why we are able to make the treatments affordable to our clients). At the MediSpa we offer goods and services that are irrevocable. Therefore, we do not issue refunds for any product or service that has been injected or used in your treatment. In consenting to be treated, it is important that clients understand and accept this condition. Any clients who have violated the house rules stated above or who refuse or abandon treatment, or the facility will not be entitled to a full or partial refund under any circumstance. billing information is kept on file for upwards of 90 days, returning clients will be charged to the previous billing information. Any reservation made with an arrival within 7 days will be required to make payment in full. Clients with standing reservations and do not complete treatment or do not arrive (or provide rescheduling information within 48 hours of arrival) will still be assessed the 50% deposit requirement. Clients that make reservations in advance and pay but are not able to attend treatment will be entitled to a full or partial refund as long as they do not exceed the 30-day grace period after the set treatment date(s). All Deposits and or funds received are considered “Earned”.

results are not guaranteed and the results depicted on this site may or may not be typical. Results will vary based on each patient's physical health, family history, diet and exercise, physical condition and adherence to the program.


“Through better understanding of our bodies, minds and spirits we will be able to overcome any challenge that is placed on us, be it a crippling illness or a soul crushing addiction. We will not and cannot surrender to something as trivial as sickness. We are human beings, derived from universal understanding and star dust. The only thing inhibiting us to succeed is ourselves”

The Mariposa Medispa

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