My Name is Aubrey, and I recently went to the Mariposa Medispa for treatment for severe chronic pain. The result was nothing short of miraculous. I have spent the last ten years of my life standing by helplessly while my body deteriorated. I had several degenerative dieases including degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and athritis. The last couple of years I have had to use a walker and when I went to leave for Mexico I had to be in a wheel chair because I couldn't walk any more.
The first day of treatment i was able to walk around the swimming pool with out any aid! My treatment continued for a month and included neuro-therapy, procain therapy, colonics, magnents, ozone treatments, papimi, change of diet and vitaman suplplements. I left the spa on December 16, 2011. i can walk for 2hrs a a time now, I can clean my house and cook meals again! I am so grateful to the staff at the medispa. I have a second chance at life!!!!!


My name is Franco from Spain and my wife and I spent 2 weeks in Mariposa to detox from 20 years of heroin addiction. We began right away with Ozone therapy,the day we arrived in Mexico, and continued next day to the Ibogaine therapy. We were examined by the Doctors upon arrival and given specific programs for each of us, (we also were heavy smokers) and began a new phase of our lives. The  Ibogaine experience was a chance for us both to address serious issues from our early childhoods. We were given very explicit information about the different stages of the Ibogaine journey, and we had many phone conversations with the Doctors and Administrator prior to arriving. The suggested reading and internet sites we read before we got to Mexico gave us a good idea of any possible risks and advantages. We had 24 hour care and felt wonderful after about 3 days, because ( I am convinced)we continued with the Ozone and acupuncture and massages and special diet. We had heard we would have insomnia, but that never was an issue, because we were putting lots of oxygen in our bodies. We enjoyed swimming everyday (the weather in April is great) and ate very healthy diets. Our counseling everyday was a big part of our recovery, we felt like we made huge break troughs to the reason for our behaviors and we keep in regular contact with the people we spent 2 weeks with in Sayulita. We feel like we are young and healthy again (we are about 50 something) This was not our first detox but it was certainly the best. We are planning to return for a "spiritual journey" and more Ozone, we know that this was a very important journey in many ways for us. We loved our experience so much, that we came back twice for what we liked to call "tune ups". Thanks Mariposa.

Hola my name is Lee  and you can read about my wonderful EBOGA JOURNEY at my blogspot of September 18th 2008 We think that the group of Professional Healers at Mariposa are awesome. We are experienced in the Recovery Field and the IBOGAINE/OZONE Program works!!!!!!

Hola my name is Bruno, I am from Italy, and am 24 years old. I had been addicted to Heroin for about 4 years then I made the switch to Suboxone. I have had a very happy life and I had lots of prospects to look forward to and I just couldn't kick the Suboxone, I was taking Suboxone daily for the last 18 months and my self esteem was not what it was like when I was younger and drug free. So I found Mariposa in Sayulita and my family and I talked to them and I went there. The first contact was being met at the airport and taken to the clinic for examination, evaluation, and counseling. I was started on Ozone therapy, (auto hemo-therapy) and detox herbs and vitamins, immediately.The next day more Ozone  and  then we started my Ibogaine journey in the evening. I was monitored, and put on I.V. solution by the Doctors to prevent dehydration, and had a very peaceful Ibogaine experience. I am young and never had much trauma in my life, I just got caught up in the drug-party game and got hooked, so I had no overwhelming Visions of spirits, just dreams that put me in touch with me again. The next day I was tired but free from the Suboxone, I did not need any boosters because I didn't feel I needed them! I have not had any cravings since  the Ibogaine and Ozone. That was 3 months ago.
I spent the rest of my week in Sayulita, counseling with the 2  Psychology/Addiction counselors, attending an A.A. meeting, reading "The Four Agreements", writing in my diary, having massages with Dr Alma, continuing with my Ozone/Detox and diet therapy. I am back to my music and feel like these folks saved my life. love Bruno

I am Jessica, and am from Florida, I am 23 and have been addicted to oxycodone and vicodin and pretty much any pills containing opiates since I was about 12. In the South lots of folks have access to this stuff and I had lots of trauma when I was young so I started taking this stuff. I started taking Methadone about a year ago and was trying to get off of it and  I was told at my Methadone clinic that this was for life and I am so young and I couldn't imagine living this way forever. We have  a place in Mexico and I feel comfortable going there, so when my mom found Mariposa and we talked to them and  my whole family came down to support me. I went directly from the airport to the clinic. I was examined and counseled, and given Ozone therapy (auto hemotherapy) I was scared because everyone told me I could be very sick trying to kick Methadone. That night I was very tired, because we had been flying all day, but I did my last dose of Methadone before I got on the plane so I knew I wouldn't start withdrawals til the next day. The next morning (I slept well) we did more Ozone and I started my Ibogaine around noon. I was hooked up to  a saline I.V. and monitored constantly and I had some great dreams and cried alot thru the experience. But there was always someone there to comfort me. I was not hungry for a couple of days, but had yogurt and fruit and drank herbal teas and had more Ozone. I had a mild headache, and an upset stomach, and they gave me massages and more Ozone, but by day 3,  I wanted to join my family. We talked to my mom and decided to give it a couple more days so I could talk to the counselors (thanks Gilbert) and deal with the real issues behind my addiction. I know that I have some very important issues to overcome and a long way to go, I need to work through my past but the Ibogaine helped me see clearly. It truly was like years of therapy in one night.I even called my Methadone clinic and told them I kicked, they were stunned, but happy for me and closed my case. I will go back to Mariposa because I have friends there and was treated so well and we still communicate. They saved me from experiencing the scary and painful Methadone withdrawal I was expecting, and gave me a new sobriety I still enjoy. I enjoyed swimming in the pool everyday and the great Deepak Chopra movies and I felt like I was in a family who wanted to help me heal myself, they encouraged me to continue my 12 step program, (I had started with my Methadone clinic) and sent me off with lots of love and information. I am grateful, thanks  everyone at Mariposa.

My name is Virginia, I am 69 years old and I came to Mariposa with a family member  to take advantage of the program offered for Healing and Detox at Mariposa. We spent 10 days doing an intensive program of colonics, special diet and herbal teas and Ozone Therapy. I had the auto hemo therapy, rectal ozone insufflations and all the other services offered on the program. It was wonderful!!!! I also was brave enough and according to the Doctors and my lab tests and ekg healthy enough, (after all the other therapies first) to experience a "spiritual" Ibogaine journey. I have been a sober person all my life, I missed the swinging 60"s and all the "flower power", so I never took any drugs or alcohol. The Ibogaine gave me an amazing insight to the dramas and traumas of my life, in my discussions with the counselors daily, I could put my old ghosts to rest (lots of them had already kicked the bucket anyway) But I feel healthy and vibrant again and am even going back to school! I look younger (thank you ozone) feel like I have a new lease on life and I can't thank you guys enough!!!!!! Dr. Alma is a marvel, and Gilbert is awesome. Gracias especially to Chantal for all your help and support !!!!!

My name is Steve and my wife Kim and I took the bus from Arizona to Mexico  for 30 hours to reach Sayulita. I am 52 and Kim is 47. I have been a Meth addict for 19 years and my wife Kim has been a heroin addict for more than 25 years. We have known the Mariposa house for years because we used to work construction projects for them. We arrived in the middle of the night on the bus. We started right away with Ozone therapy, because we had used our last drugs on the bus. Kim was starting to go into withdrawal so they treated her right away. She took a fairly large dosage of Ibogaine and just seemed to go to sleep. She slept off and on for about 36 hours. She told me she had lots of nightmare-type dreams, and was amazed that she had no withdrawal or craving for Heroin when she woke up. She lounged in bed for  another day eating small meals (she had a with a small amount of vomiting) and talking to counselors. She felt okay enough to attend Yoga classes at Mariposa on day 4. I waited and took my Ibogaine dosage after Kim woke up; because I was taking Ozone and my Amphetamine addiction was something that was not throwing me into opiate type withdrawal. I was anxious, but the Ozone made me feel so much better very quickly. I had very vivid Ibogaine dreams, full of demons and very scary images, it was like a bad acid trip, but I had someone with me all the time to remind me to open my eyes if I wanted to change the channel. It is not something I want to do again, but I have been free of Meth for a year. We stayed for another week, doing Yoga and taking more Ozone. Kim and I were taken by Chantal into Vallarta to a Dentist to get new Teeth for both of us. You can imagine after years of hard drugs neither of us had any teeth left. It was part of a new self esteem program for us to have teeth for the first time in years. My wife and I have gone to Rehab several times, but this was a really different experience, The Ibogaine/Ozone detoxed us really fast and the counseling and Yoga and attention was terrific. We didn't have a lot of money when we went down to Mexico so I was able to do some construction projects for the clinic to pay for our treatment.  Kim had to go back early to go to a probation hearing so I stayed another 8 days and worked and did Yoga and body surfed and  enjoyed my new teeth. Thanks to Chantal, we received great care and have new options, teeth and sobriety.
Sincerely Steve and Kim

I'm Maria.
Before I begin describing my experience at Mariposa Medispa , I feel that my words will carry far more weight if I first tell you something about my life.  
I began hard-core injection drug use at the age of 15, running wild and living on the streets, using my body as a depository for every possible drug I could get my hands on.  By 16, I was manufacturing my own crystal meth and was formidable competition to bikers and other high level dealers.  Before long, realizing I was stepping on some very big toes, I fled to southern California, where I finally was introduced to heroin.  Little did I know the depths to which this drug would lead me over the next 30-some odd years.  
After finally returning to Denver I sought out the only legal and viable treatment available for opiate users in the U S, methadone.  Methadone allowed me to stabilize my life, earn a college degree, and gain employment as a case manager and CAC III, among a great deal of other credentials in mental health, specializing in opiate addiction.  I became an activist and advocate for methadone clients, who suffered horrendous and unethical treatment at the hands of the very methadone clinics I was a client of.
Unfortunately, after nearly 7 years,  I lost my job due to funding cuts, and my activism against the methadone clinics came back to haunt me tenfold.  I was falsely accused of obtaining an illicit methadone prescription, and when I provided documentation from my health care provider that there was no such prescription, the clinic and its regulators refused to believe my doctors.  Not only was I ripped from the program I was on with no detox, but was also locked out from any and all substance abuse treatment state-wide by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of Colorado.  By the time my health care provider ran the DEA prescription drug monitoring program requested by my clinic my habit was so severe I was beyond doing much on my own behalf.
As an addiction counselor, I had done a great deal of research on Ibogaine and had done a brief presentation on the subject at one of the harm reduction conferences I had attended.  I contacted Chantal at Mariposa Medispa.  I selected her program not only due to competitive pricing but more importantly, because she had a team of professionals with a wide range of experience and provided alternative therapy, such as ozone, colonics, and nutritional supplementation that was largely absent in other programs.  
All that I've said so far pales in light of the results of the Ibogaine treatment itself.  Through 30+ years of addiction, I have tried prescription meds, religion, 12-step programs, various forms of detox, therapeutic communities, psychologists; the tremendous fear of withdrawal prevented me from being successful in any of these approaches, and methadone set me up for a living nightmare when I was forcibly removed from treatment under false pretenses.  The Ibogaine far exceeded my expectations in preventing withdrawal.  Never have I seen a substance that can provide the type of experience that Ibogaine does and allow one to wake up with no craving for opiates.  In addition, I feel that the ozone, foot baths, etc, did a great deal in helping to cleanse my body of toxins and pollutants from years of addiction.  The setting was beautiful and had a therapeutic and calming effect.  
I have already spoken to a number of people about the positive results I received at Mariposa and would honestly recommend this treatment to others.  I look forward to returning to Mariposa Medispa for further treatments to enhance and reinforce my recent experience there.   


“Through better understanding of our bodies, minds and spirits we will be able to overcome any challenge that is placed on us, be it a crippling illness or a soul crushing addiction. We will not and cannot surrender to something as trivial as sickness. We are human beings, derived from universal understanding and star dust. The only thing inhibiting us to succeed is ourselves”

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